Why encourage your students to Make it Work in manufacturing?

Manufacturers are willing to offer training and continuing education opportunities to employees with a good work ethic.

Exciting careers with good benefits and pay are waiting to be filled by students like yours. Whether they choose to seek a career immediately out of high school or after college, advancement and continuing educational opportunities await them. You can make the difference and help the youth of this region Make It Work in Texas.

Contact us today and learn how you can schedule a speaker in you school! You can even request a comprehensive speaker's kit for your own presentation.




PDF Downloads For Educators


11x17 Poster - Download

Spread the "Make It Work In Texas" message with the official campaign poster. Big enough to be noticed, and small enough to go anywhere.


Brochure for Educators / Manufacturers - Download

As an educator or administrator of an educational institution, we've prepared a brochure with information just for you.


Brochure for Parents - Download

Designed for parents of high school or older children, this brochure offers information on how young people can "Make It Work In Texas" with a career in manufacturing.


Classroom Curriculum 16-Page Booklet - Download

Are you an educator or volunteer interested in presenting the "Make It Work In Texas" curriculum in schools or other venues? Download this comprehensive guide with lesson plan, activities, complete script and more!


Classroom Curriculum Self-Assessment Quiz Sheets - Download

Are your students wondering what career in manufacturing might be right for them? Download this helpful sheet as a guideline to help them "Make It Work In Texas!"


Classroom Curriculum Myths vs. Facts Sheet - Download

It's a new day in manufacturing and the old myths don't hold true. Download this helpful sheet and learn why so many have chosen manufacturing as their career.


"Make It Work In Texas" Sample Business Cards - Download

Print these sample business cards for your students! Help them learn about interesting careers, and pick a job that will let them "Make It Work In Texas!"

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